Docksides – Originalet sedan 1970


The original since 1970

Passionate sailors held the ropes at Sebago during the late 60's when they wanted to create a functional and handsewn, classical leather sailing shoe. Docksides® was first introduced 1970 to meet demand and has since gained historical status. They are still sewn by hand and refined in the same way. With new and improved materials, soles and colours, Docksides® have evolved to the perfect shoes for leisure, at land and at sea.

Classics in leather

Classic sailing shoes in leather will grow more comfortable the longer you wear them. The leather fabric is of the highest quality which make them durable. They will quickly become a wardrobe favourite because of their comfort and astonishing fit.

The Docksides® clothing collection

Just as our timeless shoes, the Docksides® concept has evolved and made its way into our classic clothing collections.

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