Since 1970

Our iconic boat shoes Docksides have been synonymous with quality and craftsmanship since its founding in 1970 and is still crafted and refined the same way- by hand. The Docksides are known for its timeless nautical style and thanks to its quality leather it only gets better in time.

Keep scrolling to get a glimpse of the different types.

classics in leather

Classic Docksides in high quality leather is constructed to be a long-lasting favorite. They have a comfortable fit that softens even more the longer you use them. With an anti-slip rubber sole the shoe offers stable grip in all weather conditions, without leaving any marks. Thanks to its classic and elegant look you can wear them on a variety of occasions.

Soft shirt fabric

This hand sewed soft Dockside made of lined shirt material ensure all-day comfort from day one. They have a leather sock lining and a non-slip rubber sole that’ll keep your feet steady.


For a matching outfit, we also have clothes in the Docksides collection. The collection has a clean and fresh look that’ll be perfect when the temperature starts to rise.